Jim Carrey has talked about the initial reaction against Sonic’s character design, and described it as a good thing, when the first preview of the live action movie now released was released, fans quickly criticized the details of Sonic’s appearance .

The actor plays Dr. Robotnik, the antagonist of the film, and has now described the redesign as “something good.”

Speaking with Fox News, Carrey said: “It turned out to be a cooperative where everyone was involved in the creation. I think everyone felt good in the end because the director had no ego involved at all. ”

“” I had the opportunity to see everything that developed and put a big smile on my face because I thought, “That’s the fan base, that’s the base of passionate fans who cared and wanted it to be right and they wanted to feel good “You want to make everyone happy and do it well.”

Sonic The Hedgehog was released on February 14 and is available in your favorite cinemas.


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