In The Episode ‘Problem Child In House’ Which Aired Some Time Ago, A Question About BTS’ Jimin Related To His Good Attitude Was Given During A Quiz Segment.

Jimin BTS’s good actions and his liking for his fans have emerged through a broadcast recently. In the episode “Problem Child in House” which aired on November 3, a question about the BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) member was given during a quiz segment.

The question reads, “What did BTS’s Jimin do for the flight attendants after realizing that he was his fan?” Predictably, the 1995 singer did things that made fans melt.

On this episode, guest Aiki revealed that he is a fan of BTS and answered the question. He revealed that Jimin gave the fans his autograph when he had the chance to meet the “Dynamite” singer.

This answer came from a story shared by a Chinese fan via Weibo in January last year. The fan is a flight attendant and claims she met Jimin on a flight to Los Angeles while BTS was on their global tour.

He revealed that Jimin read books during the flight and even arranged the blankets and pillows on his seat before leaving the plane. The flight attendant is a fan of Jimin but couldn’t ask for his autograph due to guidelines for flight attendants.

However, Jimin realized that he was his fan and left a special gift for him on his seat. Jimin left his signature on his chair as he left. When this story was revealed, many other fans could see Jimin’s kindness and love for his fans.

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This story was revealed through the program “Problem Child in House” after more than a year had passed. Many fans were touched by Jimin’s good off-camera actions when no one was looking.


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