BTS joined the celebration of Dear Class 2020, an event where, online, different celebrities and important figures recognized the effort of the students who graduated this year. However, BTS fans noticed a change in Jin’s image.

After seeing BTS perform in this important celebration that brought together celebrities from different parts of the world, ARMY proudly celebrated the participation of the idol group and the words that each gave to those who are starting a new stage, for this reason, the images captured during the show gained great popularity.

Jin always shows off a flawless look, so while idol photos started circulating on the internet, some fans compared the image Jin showed at the Dear Class 2020 event with the photo from the time this boy graduated.

When the image of Jin was shared on Weverse noting that it seemed as if time in Jin flowed in reverse, because he looks even younger, this idol commented on the post saying that he has been trying to gain weight these days.

Because Jin looks very slim in his graduation photo, his current image gives him a more youthful and innocent look, but BTS fans agree that, regardless of the image shown by the idol, he manages to look incredible.

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