BTS’s Jin has massaged Jungkook and taken care of Taehyung in a video.

Jin has behaved like an “older brother” in a new BANGTANTV video. In it you can see the beautiful care it provides to Jungkook and Taehyung. Take a look at the video:

Jin is as precious as if he was congratulating everyone every time and giving them massages. Protect it at all costs!

I love you / V / forever 💙💚❤💜💛 I love you, Tai. I must love you, but the Lord is an angel. ي Greetings, but we love you so much 💚💙💛💜

My little heart can’t bear all this beauty😭💔💋👑🌟🍯💜😻
Can we talk about how Taehyung really is like a beautiful flower, Jhope is so cute, Jimin deep down is so handsome eating strawberries, Jin carrying members, while Taejin spoke; the staff was putting makeup on Kookie in the background and Kookie got off a bit because the staff is short and RM sitting on the chair in style. 😍 But Suga is missing in this video 🤧
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