As the choice of smartphones increases, the time spent on the search for price and performance increases. The Indian phone Jio 5G is very ambitious in this.


India, one of the most important markets for Chinese companies in particular, is a commercially indispensable ally for many countries thanks to its population density. India now produces its own technological products. Recently the Indian company Jio gave information about the JioBook laptop and the Jio 5G phone. The phone is expected to be the entry segment 5G phone.

According to the report prepared in the Economic Times, it was stated that it was produced by the joint R&D work between Reliance Industries Limited and Google. The phone and laptop are expected to be released at the end of August, as launches are made after the company’s general assembly meetings.

Last year, the General Assembly was held on July 15, 2020, and this time, if the report is correct, it will likely be around August-September. Talking about last year, the Indian tech giant announced that Google has invested in Jio Platforms Ltd for a 7.73% stake. In the last quarter of this year, the JioBook laptop is likely to take part in the event along with the 5G smartphone.

To expand its services across products, Jio is seriously aiming to enter the world of wearable technology and smart home appliances, starting with 5G smartphones and laptops. We have seen the Android-based Jio OS operating system on the phones produced by Jio with 4G technology. This time, we expect to see the same operating system on the new phone. When the features of the phone emerge, we will announce it to you, our valuable readers.


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