JK Rowling, known for the famous literary saga “Harry Potter”, was the target of the accusations for alleged discrimination against the LGBT community.

The controversy broke out this weekend as a result of various posts made by the writer on her Twitter account, some branded her as transphobic due to her position, we will tell you what happened

It all started after JK Rowling shared an article about people seeking equality according to their gender identity, the text the writer quoted was about menstruating people, even though they were not born as women. Rowling’s words were, “Those people used to have a name.”

The author discreetly pointed out that women are the ones who naturally suffer from the menstrual cycle, since it is something biological. Many users took her words as transphobia, as there are those who suffer from the period after going through their sex change.


The author reinforced her position by commenting that if sex, in terms of biology, then there is no attraction between people of the same gender, she also clarified that she fully supports LGBT people and would walk with them if they suffer from discrimination, but as woman that’s how it feels.

Some came to her defense, arguing that at no time did she attack the community, she only pointed out a fact that physically is real. Others criticized her, even branded her as radical.



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