Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez make a second attempt to buy the Mets.  The couple put together a new plan to acquire the baseball equipment. Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez continue to fight to buy the New York Mets .

The New York Post has revealed that the couple are working closely with senior bankers at JPMorgan Chase on a new offer to buy the Mets in a deal worth $ 2 billion .

In early May, his first attempt to buy the baseball team was rejected .

Currently, the Mets are owned by Fred and Jeff Wilpon, but they are believed to want to sell the club because they are concerned about the money they have lost due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The club reportedly operates at a significant loss each year and is dependent on television revenue.

JLo and A-Rod are locked away in their luxurious Miami home, where they have put together a plan to buy the Mets.

A person close to the deal told the Post: “Someone has shown the Wilpons the light here. Some heavy hitters are getting involved here and it seems like Fred and Jeff are listening. ”

The couple can provide substantial figures, but they still depend on attracting key investors to complete their acquisition, and that is why they have sought help from JP Morgan.


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