Finally, a serious hint was found about the PlayStation 5, which has not been explained by Sony except its controller. And eventually the PlayStation 5 release date came out. However, we still do not know which games to play, when to come out, and their technical features.

When is the PlayStation 5 release date?
According to a job posting that emerged today, a new detail has been revealed for PlayStation 5, which has remained silent against the Xbox Series X console, which showed Assassin’s Creed Valhalla play last week.

This job posting posted on Twitter is in Japanese, but there is information that PlayStation 5 will go on sale in October 2020 when translated using Google Translate.

The job posting shows that Sony is looking for a new staff member to supply hardware for PlayStation. Obviously, this job posting is a strong clue that Sony is almost ready to manufacture the console.

It is not known whether the supplier is wanted, but console players are now at the top of their desire to see the power and features of PlayStation 5 against Xbox Series X.

Apart from PlayStation 5 specifications, games to be released for the console, pricing and innovations on PlayStation Network are still mysterious.


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