According to the information and statements received today, Joe Biden determined the Chinese policy, especially Huawei and Xiaomi.


The “super power is not you” fight between America and China; we continue to influence users. Apparently; This situation seems to continue in 2021. For today, American sources announced that the new American government will continue just like the Trump Government. Joe Biden seems to be sending a decision that closely concerns Huawei and Xiaomi to the House of Representatives on March 22.

As you know, America has banned working with Huawei and imposed sanctions on preventing investments in Xiaomi. Xiaomi filed a lawsuit on this issue, and the Chinese manufacturer is also very hopeful about it. If Xiaomi wins this case; A precedent may also emerge for Huawei. Don’t say he didn’t.

A statement made today said

“Communication technologies and services are very important to our national and economic security and continue to be the top priority for Biden management.”

What can be understood from this statement shows that the Biden Government will continue with the Trump government’s policy at least for a certain period of time. Although there is no expansion, the process seems to continue as it is. The Business Roundtable group, representing senior US executives, said that “these bans do not work for American businesses in their current form.” What will Biden do? We do not know this, but this process seems to continue for a while. We will see where the subject will go over time.

We hope Huawei can develop its own “ARM Architecture”. Because the sector seems to be somewhat indexed to this …


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