Ghost, one of the famous crypto money supporter, promising anonymity of businessman John McAfee, was launched.

McAfee announced on the Twitter that the stock market was launched. The stock exchange promising anonymity, Ghost, is also directly related to Ghost’s privacy project Ghost, a Proof of Stake privacy coin designed for anonymous transactions. McAfee announced on social media that Ghost will be included in the stock exchange called McAfeeDEX. The Ghost main network is expected to air on June 22.

It had been the subject of many controversies

Ghost caused controversy, especially because McAfee directly copied white paper from PIVX. Nevertheless, McAfee said he was preparing to file a defamation case, arguing that the PIVX protocol was open source.

McAfee used the following expressions:

“PIVX claims that the source code is in the public domain, but they don’t say anything about the whitepaper, which explains how everything works. It is fraudulent to claim that a product is open source and to keep the documents. It is clear and clear. I’ll prove that soon. ”


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