The actor, of Italian origins, was 83 years old. He has worked in many western spaghetti and 70s cops and in three films of the saga ‘Nightmare’

John Saxon, an actor of Italian origin known for his roles in various spaghetti westerns and cops shot in Cinecittà in the 70s and for horror films, including the Nightmare saga, died at the age of 83. He was also the leading writer in Dario Argento’s Tenebre (1982). His wife Gloria announced the disappearance: he died of complications from pneumonia in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The stage name of Carmine Orrico, John Saxon has starred in many Italian films, starting with Mario Bava’s The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1963), The Three Who Shocked the West (Vado, vedo e firaro) (1968 ) by Enzo G. Castellari, The violent law of the anticrime team (1976) by Stelvio Massi (1976), Italia a mano armed (1976) by Franco Martinelli, Naples violent (1976), Il cinico, infame, il violento ( 1977), both by Umberto Lenzi.

In the 1970s Saxon starred opposite Bruce Lee in The Three of Operation Dragon and also in horror films, such as Bob Clark’s A Red Blood Christmas (1974), in the role of the chief of police; Kill Mister Mitchell (1975), in the role of Antonio Margheriti’s lawyer Walter Deaney, Apocalypse tomorrow (1980), in the role of a veteran from Vietnam, Nightmare – From the depths of the night (1984) by Wes Craven and Nightmare 3 – The warriors del sogno (1987), in the role of Lieutenant Donald Thompson, Nancy’s father, also returning in Nightmare – Nuovo incubo (1994). Saxon won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of a Mexican bandit in Sonora’s A Southwest (1966).

Born in New York, in the Brooklyn district, on August 5, 1936, from parents of Italian origin, Antonio Orrico and Anna Protettore, from the province of Salerno, Carmine Orrico studied acting with the famous teacher Stella Adler and entered the world of cinema at mid 50’s playing teenager roles. According to Robert Hofler’s biography (The man who invented Rock Hudson: The pretty boys and dirty deals of Henry Willson), when the “talent agent” Henry Willson saw the 16-year-old Orrico’s photo on the cover of a detective magazine, he immediately contacted the family and took the boy with him to Hollywood, where he acquired the stage name of John Saxon.

In his early acting years, Saxon worked with many well-known directors, including Vincente Minnelli in How to Marry a Daughter (1958), Blake Edwards in The Temptation of Mr. Smith (1958), Frank Borzage in The Big Fisherman (1959), John Huston in The Relentless (1960) and Otto Preminger in The Cardinal (1963).

Saxon has also worked a lot on TV. In 1975 he participated in several episodes of the television series The Six Million Dollar Man, playing the role of Major Frederick Sloan (the first to be kidnapped and replaced by a robot, then confronted and destroyed by Colonel Steve Austin), as well as that of the leader of the rebel aliens who will set Sasquatch against both Steve and Jaime. The latter role was extended to another series, The Bionic Woman. He also participated as a guest star on the TV show Starsky & Hutch. In the nineties and 2000 he participated in numerous independent films and appeared in several television series, including Csi – Crime Scene and Masters of Horror.


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