Johnny Depp cheated on Amber Heard with Angelina Jolie. Who says it is the magazine ‘Star’, which claims that this betrayal was the reason for one of the most violent discussions between the then couple, who accuse each other of domestic violence.

The publication does not reveal exactly when the affair occurred, but says that this was one of the reasons why the couple broke up. It is also recalled that in 2017, the same magazine stated that Jolie was trying to get revenge on Brad Pitt, from whom she had been separated for about a year, by getting involved with Depp.

Longtime friends

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp have been friends for many years. In 2010, the two starred in the film ‘The Tourist’ and were seen living with their respective families – the actress was still married to Brad Pitt and Depp to Vanessa Paradis – in Italy, where the film was recorded.
At the time it was commented that Paradis was uncomfortable with the intimate scenes between her husband and Jolie, even asking him to abandon the project. Years later, when Depp was already married to Amber Heard, Angelina Jolie’s name came up again.

“She was determined to have a relationship with Johnny, which would serve as revenge for her separation from Brad Pitt,” a source told ‘Star’.

Warned of prenuptial agreement

According to ‘Star’, when Angelina Jolie learned that Johnny Depp planned to marry Amber Heard, she advised him to be “very careful” and to make a prenuptial agreement. Advice that the actor did not take into account.


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