MONSTA X’s Joohoney has spoken about his love of music on Dazed Korea.

MONSTA X’s Joohoney gave a photo report to Dazed Korea where she talked about her love for music.

During the interview Joohoney commented the following:

Promoting as MONSTA X, because all the members need to sing the song together, what I can show as a rapper is limited to about four lines. So I try to do things on my own that I wanted to show, but couldn’t [in the group]. I try to show my history, my values, my vision of the world. I think rap is a medium through which you can express yourself, and I want to show my true self as much as possible.

Music is like a toy that I want to show the world. It’s like you create something cool with Legos and say to your mother, ‘I did this. Isn’t that cool I want people to see the fun things I did and be happy, have fun, and even share the sadness. That’s what music is to me, and every time I make music, the only thing that should be there is sincerity. The lyrics should be said honestly, and if you like or dislike something, you should express your emotions exactly as they are. If I can’t do that, I simply delete that part. With music, that’s the only thing I stubborn about. Every word must be said with real emotion. It can be exhausting, but I think it is necessary

Check out the photos below:

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