Josh Trank and Tom Hardy, working together in the movie Capone, are reuniting for a miniseries focusing on the CIA.

Director Josh Trank, who met the audience on May 12 after the 2012 Chronicle and 2015 Fantastic Four films, and returned with the film Capone, where the American-born American mafia leader Al Capone told his life, started preparations for a new miniseries. In his new project, Trank will work with successful actor Tom Hardy, who also starred in the movie Capone.

Josh Trank, who had troubles with 20th Century Fox during the production process of the Fantastic Four movie, is making a new start with Capone, where he returns to the sets 5 years later. Trank works with Tom Hardy at the end of his life without a blocking with the role of a rigorous mafia leader.

Stating that their partnership with Tom Hardy will continue in the next project, Trank said, “Tom and I are very excited about the new project. This is a story that has been around for decades that concerns the formation of the CIA from the end of World War II, but only in books that have not been seen in movies or television before. He touches anti-capitalism and communism with Castro and Cuba. It’s really a big question of a kind of opposition to capitalism and communism. ” made their explanations.

TV Series that Brings Josh Trank and Tom Hardy Together, Can Be Published in FX
Tom Hardy starred in the FX series Taboo, which he produced, and in the Netflix-BBC co-production Peaky Blinders. Hardy is also among the producers of the series adaptation of FX by Charles Dickens novel A Christmans Carol. Considering all these situations, Josh Trank’s new CIA themed mini series reveals the possibilities that FX screens can come to.

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The director Trank, who did not give much explanation about the series, said the following about what he would want if he had a magic wand: “This is really good. It is interesting, dangerous and fascinating. The things I learned from him add a great deal of parallels and parallels to where we are now, and I’m fascinated by these things. “


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