JPMorgan Chase, the giant name in the banking world, can start collaborating with ConsenSys on blockchain.

Powers Can Join

According to information reported by Reuters, JPMorgan Chase and ConsenSys can make a very important announcement in the next six months. According to Reuters, Quorum, JPMorgan’s own blockchain unit, may be included in ConsenSys.

JPMorgan’s Quorum project is supported by Ethereum. Considering that ConsenSys is also linked to Ethereum, it would not be surprising for Quorum to join ConsenSys. However, JPMorgan and ConsenSys taking such a joint step can especially please Ethereum developers.

More than 20 people are currently working on the Quorum team. If Quorum is included in ConsenSys, what the status of this team will be is unknown. According to the information provided by The Block, it seems possible for Quorum to go into the rebranding process in case of such a merger. However, there is no official statement from either side for now. Therefore, the details of this agreement, even the state of certainty, are still unknown.

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