You can watch with the naked eye the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn after sunset on Monday, December 21st.The two largest planets in our solar system are preparing for an interesting meeting unprecedented on Earth for centuries.

This meeting is expected by many and can be seen from around the world on December 21st as long as weather conditions permit.

According to astronomers, when Jupiter orbits the sun, it coincides with its neighbor Saturn every 20 years. But the upcoming event will appear from our perspective only a tenth the size of it and about a fifth the size of the full moon.

What makes this event special is that the two planets finally became visible so close and clearly in March 1226. On Monday, it will be the closest reunion ever seen, and they will align 800 years later.

You can go out right after sunset, says Jeffrey L. Hunt, one of the sky watchers. It has also been stated that a binocular or a small telescope can provide a better view. If you miss this opportunity, you may have to wait until 15 March 2080 for your next chance.


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