Protests over the death of George Floyd, an African American who died of police brutality stemming from racism that still persists, continue in much of the United States and especially on social media.

Various celebs have joined the virtual activism, sharing links to donate, petitions, contributing money and more in support of the cause. Justin Bieber decided to share a letter where he reveals how he has benefited from their culture and his desire to make a change.

Through his Instagram account, Justin shared a photo where he admits the influence of the black culture that he has implemented in his music, way of dressing and style to sing. The singer wanted to raise awareness about the importance of people of color.

The singer vowed to educate himself more about racial injustices and find ways to help end this type of discrimination.

Justin also promised that he will use his platforms from now on to raise his voice against racism and systematic oppression, so that his fans also learn how to help and understand such issues.

The singer joins the protests after spending time in quarantine with his wife Hailey Baldwin, both of whom distanced themselves from society.


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