Singer Justin Bieber with his wife Hailey Baldwin is celebrating his first year of marriage, we find total romanticism.

The happy marriage of Canadian singer Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin who has changed her last name to her husband’s are happy, as they are celebrating their first year of marriage.

It was through a tender and loving message that the interpreter of “As long as you love me” shared on her Instagram account this September 30 Justin Bieber is one of the happiest men at this time, he is in an excellent point of his career and is happily married.

Just over an hour ago, the singer dedicated a photograph of her wedding day in black and white to the beautiful American model and personality , and also accompanied her with a message that surely her 148 million fans have been reproducing on Twitter celebrating in honor of them.

He began the message by writing the name of his wife “Hailey Bieber”, and emphasizing how proud and how lucky he was to be her husband and part of their day.

As the days went by, Justin accepted that his wife is one of the people who most support him in his day to day life, in addition to teaching him many things and making him a better man (who would not like to hear that).

In a message he continued to mention that he was willing to commit for the rest of their lives, so that Hailey would be empowered and be the woman that God had sent him and who he had called to be, emphasizing the latter.

My heart is to allow you to achieve all your wildest dreams! She shared.

Something that the 26-year-old singer mentioned is a promise he made to Hailey, as his wife aimed to always put her first, in addition to being quite patient and kind with her, to finish his message he congratulated her by adding some of the most loving words “my beautiful sweet girl”.

For her part, Hailey, who also shared a photo of her wedding, wrote a message a little shorter than her husband but just as inspired, enough to sigh a few times.

1 year ago we had the best wedding. I wish I could live this day over and over again, “she wrote.

Both photographs of both Justin and Hailey are in black and white, the difference is that the singer’s are inside the church, the photograph was taken showing the model’s long dress, some guests are seen in the image but they do not take away anything of prominence from the couple.

As for Baldwin’s photos there are four in total, you can see how beautiful her dress is, in profile and from the back, the lace did its thing because it looked pretty, all its images were in black and white which gives them a touch romantic and ancient.

The also model and close friend of Hailey Kendall Jenner was one of the first people to comment on this photograph followed by her sister Kylie, both from the Kardashian Jenner clan.

Other celebrities of the show, music and cinema congratulated both in their respective accounts, on the other hand the news and the photographs have become a trend on Twitter, their followers share excitedly the five photographs of both and express how happy they are to know that the couple remains together despite the constant criticism they suffer due to the ex-girlfriend of singer Selena Gómez.

Despite this, both continue with their lives normally, they adore each other, record videos together and express their love in each of the opportunities they have, surely they cause the envy of anyone.

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