The Canadian singer used his social networks.

Justin Bieber joined the long list of celebrities who spoke out against the death of George Floyd, the African American who was the victim of police repression in the United States. Like many celebrities, the singer used his social networks to cry out for justice and that once and for all the attacks by the police against African-American people are brought to an end. This time, he decided to put pressure on the judge at the forefront of the case.

The Sorry composer put his creativity to the test and devised a tactic so that all of society could petition for those guilty of Floyd’s death to pay for the aberrational deed. In his Instagram stories, the singer published a phone number, so that his 137 million fans can contact the number and make such a request. The idea is to put pressure on the judicial authority so that the cause continues and that those responsible are punished.

In his post, the Yummi interpreter explained how you can help: “Write FLOYD 55156, to pressure District Attorney Mike Freeman to arrest these officers immediately,” was the message he shared. The state of satiety is so great in that country that not only the celebrities expressed their energetic rejection of a new racial attack that ended up exploding with serious incidents in Minneapolis where patrol cars were burned and several policemen were injured.

George Floyd’s death filled the patience of American society and all the celebrities in the world. Figures such as Lebron James, Penélope Cruz, Ricky Martin and now Justin Bieber joined , protested against the police action that claimed several lives of African-American people. The authorities of the United States tried to calm the waters by firing the officer who stepped on the victim’s neck, but that did not stop the masses who now have the worldwide support of great figures of entertainment and sport.


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