Artist Davis McCarty shared how the process is going to solve problems with TWICE and JYP Entertainment for the plagiarism of one of their poor.

After the controversy over accusing TWICE of having used one of his creations for the ‘More & More’ video, Davis McCarty was interviewed by the XsportsNews outlet, the American artist revealed what actions he is taking to reclaim his intellectual property.

Davis McCarty said that he and his legal team chatted about the plagiarism, they consider that it is a very serious problem and is discussing this situation with JYP Entertainment and NAIVE, the company responsible for the production of the video for ‘More & More’. .

McCarty added that he hopes that this matter will be resolved and that the parties involved behave very responsibly to end the problem of “flagrant violation of copyright.”

Due to this scandal and in light of a possible lawsuit by the affected party, JYP Entertainment’s shares on the South Korean stock market are being affected, gradually falling and showing very low numbers.

The hashtag #JYPEISOVERPARTY became a trend in social networks, fans of the groups of the company founded by J.Y. Park expressed their annoyances about the abuse that the agency has with its artists.


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