These three South Korean actors promoted the K-Drama after finishing their military service; and they were already famous from the beginning.

K-Drama or series from South Korea have increased in popularity over the years and have even overcome the language barrier thanks to international distributions such as Viki and Netflix. But all this had a greater impact, thanks to the return of 3 South Korean actors as protagonists.

Military service is compulsory in South Korea and this includes the K-Drama stars themselves. This time we are talking about Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun and Ji Chang Wook; 3 celebrities who have just finished their duties with their country and have boosted their entertainment industry with their new protagonists.

Lee Min Ho

The gallant and “King of Chemistry” Lee Min Ho, surprised his fans by playing Lee Gon together with the talented Kim Go Eun in “The King: Eternal Monarch”. Being an SBS and Netflix production, its popularity grew abroad; but the actor himself helped drive his success.

His fame is due to the fact that he starred in the 2009 K-Drama “Boys Over Flowers” and the production is still considered a “hallyu” (Korean wave of popularity abroad). Having him back in acting allowed him to start a new stage in his career. What will be Lee Min Ho’s new character?

Kim So Hyun

Another of the actors very loved by his fans is Kim So Hyun, who received a lot of attention in the 2011 K-Drama “Dream High”, he also triumphed with “The Producers” in 2015 but did not have the same success in his 2017 movie “Real”. After this box office failure, he began his military service and just finished it to be back on television.

This actor had the same luck to participate with TvN and Netflix in a drama titled “It’s Okey to Not Be Okey” and as of June 27, 2020, it continues broadcasting; with new episodes every Saturday and Sunday. His starring partner is Seo Ye-ji and together they play a romantic comedy.

Ji Chang Wook

The charismatic Ji Chang Wook, continues betting on romantic comedies instead of his famous action stars such as “Healer” from 2014 and “The K2” from 2016. Now, after being discharged from the army, he surprised his fans with a comeback to the small screen in “Backstreet Rookies”; same that premiered since June 19 on SBS.

This K-Drama failed to top “The King: Eternal Monarch” in audience and is also not available on Netflix. The series is based on an adult-themed Webtoon and has received much criticism for its alleged scenes and sexually explicit lines. Still, we wish Ji Chang Wook a good comeback and that this series is better than 2019’s “Melting Me Softly.”


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