Later the girl group NiziU became the subject of debate among South Korean netizens.

NiziU is a girl group made by JYP Entertainment agency, which was debuted through the ‘Nizi Project’ survival program.

‘Nizi Project’ is a survival program starring trainees from Japan. Through this survival program, JYP Entertainment selected a total of 9 trainees to be nominated as NiziU members.

However, NiziU then became a debate because the group gear was formed by Korean agencies, with Japanese members and songs in Japanese.

Of course that makes many netizens wonder if NiziU is a K-Pop or J-Pop girl group. Like the comments of Korean netizens on Naver’s site:

“This makes me want to curse because this is not a localization. This is theft of all the knowledge that the K-Pop industry has built, ”

“This only benefits JYP, absolutely not K-Pop,”

“This group is owned by Sony, they should not be categorized as K-Pop. JYP tantamount to giving all their knowledge for the sake of royalty. I can’t say anything, ”

“JYP should be worried about their own agency. I understand that now is the era of globalization, but this is not the way. They are the same as the Japanese version of TWICE. BTS is truly extraordinary because it has no members from abroad, ”

“K-Pop is the strongest market at the moment, so what’s the point of selling knowledge to other markets? So how is it different from us selling weapons to Japan during a war? JYP has really betrayed Korea, ”

“Park Jin Young made money while promoting J-Pop to the world. Everyone will definitely consider NiziU as J-Pop because they are a group that has Japanese members and sings in Japanese. Just because you have a Vietnam soccer team that has a Korean coach, doesn’t mean the soccer team turns into a Korean team. They are still Vietnamese football teams, “and many other pros and cons comments.


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