Kangnam has now entered the same agency as his wife, Lee Sang Hwa.

On Wednesday (06/05), Star News reported that Kangnam had signed an exclusive contract with the Bonboo ENT agency.

Bonboo ENT is an agency that houses Lee Sang Hwa, Kangnam’s wife and former Olympic speed skater athlete.

In addition to Lee Sang Hwa, the Bonboo ENT agency also houses several other famous artists, including Choo Sung Hoon, Kwanghee ZE: A, and many more.

Following the report, the ENT Bonboo later said, “We are naturally close to Kangnam through Lee Sang Hwa, and we finally signed the contract with him because we already have a foundation of trust in each other.”

“We will support Kangnam, who has extraordinary abilities in the variety show field, so he can carry out as many promotional activities as possible in various fields he wants,” the agency concluded.

Debuting as a member of M.I.B in 2011, until now Kangnam has a career as a star on various South Korean variety show programs.

Kangnam and Lee Sang Hwa themselves were brought together through the ‘Laws of the Jungle’ program and decided to get married in October 2019.


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