Kanye ‘Revives’ the Figure of his Father-in-Law, Robert Kardashian, With the Help of Special Hologram Technology to Celebrate Kim’s Birthday. Like what?

Kanye West seems to have his own way to make his wife, Kim Kardashian, happy. How come? For Kim’s 40th birthday, Kanye gave a surprise in the form of congratulations from the father of his wife who had passed away.

The “Gold Digger” rapper “revived” the figure of his father-in-law, Robert Kardashian, with the help of a special hologram technology to celebrate his beloved wife’s birthday. Robert, who works as a lawyer, is known to have died in 2003 of throat cancer.

“For my birthday, Kanye gave the most memorable gift in my life. A special surprise from heaven, namely my father’s hologram,” Kim wrote on social media while including a 2-minute long video of Robert Kardashian’s hologram.

“It really seems real. We watched it many times, full of emotions,” continued the mother of four children.

In the holographic video, you can hear Robert giving Kim a message. “I’m very proud of your accomplishments as a woman, Kimberly, and all of your accomplishments,” said Robert.


On the other hand, Kim Kardashian recently became a butt on social media after uploading photos of her birthday party which was held on a private island. It was seen that the guests appeared without masks while the world was still facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kim then claimed that all the guests who came had followed strict health protocols for mutual safety. “After two weeks of going through various health and quarantine checks, I surprised my closest people by taking them to a private island where we could pretend everything was normal in no time,” said Kris Jenner’s daughter.

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According to Page Six’s report, the party was held on an island in Tahiti and cost up to USD 1 million or around Rp. 14.7 billion.

To bring in the invitees, Kim is said to have rented a Boeing 777 with a capacity of 88 seats. The private jet brought at least 30 people to The Brando, a private island with luxurious and exclusive facilities in French Polynesia. There are about 35 villas on the island that once belonged to the legendary actor Marlon Brando.


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