With the Windows 10 December cumulative update (KB4592438), error reports started to come from many users.According to reported reports, the latest December cumulative update of Windows 10 is causing some serious problems for installers.

There are a number of problems that came up with the KB4592438 patch released to users of version 2004 and version 20H2 on December 8.

Loading Problem
The first issue is that the KB4592438 update is looping. There are those who encounter general error messages like ā€œ0x8007000dā€ and ā€œ0x800f0922ā€ during the process.

If you are one of those who encounter installation errors, you can use the Media Creation Tool or pause the update temporarily.

Performance Issues
If we look at the questions voiced in different media, with the December 2020 collective update, there are delays in opening or closing applications. In addition, high CPU and RAM usage were also reported. Finally, there are those who experience lags in the game or on YouTube.

Crash Issues
On the other hand, it has been stated that compatibility with old games is broken, folders appear as read-only and some blue screen errors are experienced.

chkdsk Problem
Also known as the Check Disk utility, chkdsk allows you to scan your entire hard drive to find and fix problems. Users encountering problems with Windows 10 sometimes prefer to use the chkdsk command.

According to user reports, after the December 2020 update, the Chkdsk c: / f command broke down and can cause blue screen errors.

If you are one of the users affected by this or similar situations, you can uninstall the update manually and temporarily stop the update.


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