Reports from several South Korean media outlets announced on December 22 that veteran actor Kim Byung Choon was positive for the new coronavirus.

Kim Byung Choon, who already has a long artistic career, is currently in two television productions, which include the Wednesday and Thursday TV series ‘True Beauty’ and the SBS morning series ‘Phoenix 2020’ .

The SBS television UYn representative said the actor has successfully completed the final filming of ‘Phoenix 2020’ in the past, meaning that the cast and crew of the film set are unlikely to have had direct contact with Kim Byung Choon recently .

Meanwhile, the television network has yet to issue a response to the news, so an official statement is expected to be issued soon.

Kim Byung Choon made her debut in 1999 in the film ‘Happy End’, and has been active in small and large screen productions since last year. She participated in another Kdrama this year entitled ‘Era Amor’ by KTBNC and the film ‘The Singer’.


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