Lee Min Ho managed to take home the only award for The king: eternal monarch at SBS’s year-end event.

SBS said goodbye to 2020 with the awarding of the K-drama actors who worked on the network’s projects. One of the winners was Lee Min Ho, for her famous performance in The king: eternal monarch.

The drama was one of the most ambitious bets of the year, with the script by Kim Eun Sook, author of hits like Goblin and Descendants of the sun. The responsibility of bringing this parallel worlds story to life fell to Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho, who were returning to TV after two years in the military.

On December 31, at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards, Lee Min Ho won the Top Excellence Award in Fantasy or Romance Miniseries for her performance of King Lee Gon. In his speech, the interpreter regretted the adverse context due to the pandemic.

“SBS Awards is a meaningful and familiar place to me. For a long time, I would end the year here and celebrate the one to come. Many things have changed. Four years have passed and now the environment feels different. I hope that in the new year many things will return to their place ”, he commented.

“I want to thank the people who worked so hard to make The King. Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, whom I appreciate and respect, I hope you can write a good project that comforts and supports many people in difficult times with a great story, ”said Lee Min ho. Finally, she greeted the fans for the New Years.

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Actress Kim Go Eun, who played Lieutenant Jung Ta Eul, followed the event from her home. Despite the distance from her, she congratulated the The King: Eternal Monarch co-star with a post of her on her Instastory in which she included clapping emojis.

Kim Go Eun was nominated for best actress in a category parallel to Lee Min Ho’s, but she failed to secure the trophy. This was awarded to Park Eun Bin, star of the drama Do you like Brahms?

It should be added that the star actors of The king: eternal monarch were also competing in the category of best couple at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards. Other nominees were Backstreet Rookie stars Hyena, Dr. Romantic 2, and eventually Do you like Brahms ?, who ended up with the award in their hands.


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