Actress Kim Hee Ae who was later popular through the drama ‘The World of the Married’ underwent a photo shoot with ELLE magazine.

Through this photo shoot, Kim Hee Ae showed her sexy and brave appearance by wearing jewelry from the Tiffany & Co. brand.

In addition to undergoing a photocall for the June issue of ELLE magazine, Kim Hee Ae who played the character of Ji Sun Woo in the drama ‘The World of the Married’ also conducted an interview session.

Regarding Ji Sun Woo’s character he said, “Ji Sun Woo is someone who makes the best effort in his life with an honest attitude and does not care about the opinions of others when expressing his emotions.”

“Sometimes, he does have an aggressive and stubborn nature. Even so, I think the viewers can understand it and support their confidence and honesty, “he said.

Meanwhile, the drama ‘The World of the Married’ will soon be airing the last episode or the 16th episode tonight, May 16, 2020 at 22.50 KST on JTBC. (


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