Among the many idols who are willing to pour their wealth to help others, Kim Jaejoong is one of them.

This JYJ member has just been found to have made a donation originally made in secret, for the Korean Fire Welfare Foundation.

“The artist did not reveal his name, only asked us to provide our bank account number so at first we did not know who would make the donation, which was only discovered on the 11th when the deposit was made.” said the foundation.

They continued, “The contribution made by Kim Jaejoong will be used to improve the working conditions of firefighters and purchase fire fighting equipment for the most vulnerable.”

In addition, on May 14, Jaejoong was also known to have made a donation to help the medical party struggling with COVID-19 by saying, “I wonder what I can do to help in this difficult situation. I want to help medical professionals so I make this contribution. ”

He added, “I don’t know how long it will take to resolve this situation, but let’s do our best to resolve it, let’s hold hands!”


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