Georgina Rodríguez, partner of the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, surprised everyone with his enormous resemblance to Kim Kardashian in one of the photos in a swimsuit he shared on Instagram.

Spectacular! Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner , Georgina Rodríguez has proven to be an icon of beauty and elegance and for this a sample, since she has been compared with the socialite Kim Kardashian for one of the photographs she has shared on Instagram.

In the photograph that Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife shared on her official Instagram account on September 14, she can be seen in a swimsuit and being made up by an expert, but because of the makeup and her features it seems that the one who is being made up is Kim Kardashian and not Georgina Rodríguez.

The footballer’s partner was apparently going to have a photo shoot, for which a yellow two-piece swimsuit with touches of zebra was chosen as the wardrobe, which looks really spectacular on the person of the model; to complement the outfit, some delicate chains on her hips.

In the image you can see Georgina Rodríguez comfortably sitting in a room and it is more than evident that the proper safe distance measures are being taken to avoid contagion by coronavirus, since the makeup artist is wearing face masks and somewhat away from the famous model.

The publication of the famous wife of the soccer star surpassed 2 and a half million reactions and a huge amount of compliments for Georgina Rodríguez.

Work day @prettylittlething, Rodríguez wrote along with the photograph.

Internet users did not take long to recognize the enormous resemblance of the model with the socialite Kim Kardashian, probably due to the deep smoky eyes and the lip color that was applied, very similar to those that the businesswoman is used to.

Hello Kim! , wrote Dafne Fernández.

The footballer is definitely an extremely lucky man to have such a beautiful woman by his side and with whom he has built a beautiful family. Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo have four children: Cristiano Ronaldo, Eva María, Mateo and Alana Martina.


The model often shows off her beautiful family and how in love she is with the famous soccer player on social networks; However, not everything smiles at them, because currently Ronaldo is not having a good time.

The soccer star made the news yesterday as he has tested positive for covid-19, a situation that not only compromises his health, but also his professional status.

Fortunately for Cristiano Ronaldo , despite his positive in the coronavirus test, he does not present discomfort or symptoms.

One of the greatest scorers of all time sounded the alarm as he was part of the match last Sunday in which his team drew 0-0 away from France in the UEFA Nations League; in addition to the 0-0 in a friendly against Spain last week, something that compromises the health of the other players.

Another situation that worried many was the recent photograph that Cristiano Ronaldo had shared on social networks, where he can be seen with the rest of the Portuguese squad tasting a meal, so no one was wearing face masks and you could see them quite close to some of others.

United on and off the field! Was the phrase with which the player accompanied the image.

It was announced that the famous athlete is currently already in the respective quarantine and taking the necessary measures for his health and that of those around him; meanwhile he has been ruled out for the Nations League game against Sweden.

Something that should be noted is that the positive from the scorer encouraged new covid tests to be carried out on all the players in Portugal and fortunately, there were no more positives.


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