Did you know that Kim Seon Ho begged his kneeling ex-girlfriend not to leave him?

Kim Seon Ho’s popularity skyrocketed after his participation in the drama ‘Start-Up’ and now hundreds of fans have been expressing their love for the actor, who is also part of the cast of the variety show “2 Days & 1 Night ”by KBS.

The cast of the show recently met at a cafe to celebrate the first anniversary of the show’s fourth season. There, hundreds of fans left messages to express their sincere love for the members of “2 Days & 1 Night”.

Among all of them, the production team chose a team member to read a message during the broadcast, so it was DinDin who took the post-it and read: “I thought I didn’t need tomorrow morning. However, I look forward to Sunday night and that Sunday night comes every week. Now I need tomorrow morning. Thank you”.

But as soon as DinDin finished reading the letter, they all turned to see Kim Seon Ho, who was already in tears. The actor commented, “What is that…? It’s a bit… Wait a minute… ”and immediately he was speechless and continued crying.

After this particular moment, Kim Seon Ho made headlines as “The Sentimental King.” Additionally, he became a hot topic on social media and online communities.


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