UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok and AB6IX’s Jeong Woong are known for their beauty, sensuality, and unparalleled visual flair. Both fandoms are proud of the idols’ beauty and charm …. so … who do you think is sexier?

Let’s check out the video for Red Moon, the title track from Kim Woo Seok’s first album titled Greed. What do you think of Woo Seok’s suggestive movements while on the ground? and the soft warmth of his voice? But I do not want to anticipate events, watch the video and give your expert opinion:

Now let’s move on to AB6IX member Jeon Woong. The MOONDANCE video is the paradigm of sensuality for many, dancing in the middle of the water their attitude, beauty and movements can ignite the heart of the deepest hater … Watch the video and tell us what you think …

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