After it was leaked, Square Enix makes this new spin-off from the saga created by Tetsuya Nomura and his team official.

Whoever thought Kingdom Hearts was going to follow a straight line and continue major deliveries was very wrong. They already warned him from Square Enix: his studios were working on several new video games. One of them is Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, a title that had been recently leaked, but is now official for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As a novelty, the saga will debut on Nintendo Switch from the hand of this project, which embraces the musical and action genre.

As can be seen in the trailer, which you can see on these lines, the game is planned for this year 2020 around the world. The new Square Enix stars old acquaintances, so old that they have been around since the first installment of PlayStation. It is about Sora, Goofy and Donald, who travel through the magical worlds while defeating the Heartless. In Melody of Memory, characters eliminate enemies through a playable structure based on musical rhythms.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy guy?

It is not the only Square Enix title that follows that line. Nintendo 3DS received two installments of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, game with more casual aesthetics than usual and that worked as a musical game, so it reviewed the soundtrack of the main titles of the franchise until Final Fantasy XV (then known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

Following Kingdom Hearts III, the study led by Tetsuya Nomura has released the Kingdom Hearts III: RE Mind DLC. In addition, they also prepare a game for iOS and Android, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, a plot prequel to the original video games that narrates the construction of the villain of the series, the evil Xehanort. The story is set chronologically in the character’s youth, always accompanied by an unrecognizable Master Eraqus. It has already been confirmed that Dark Road will be integrated into Kingdom Hearts: Union X, the other video game for mobile devices.


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