Announced 6th generation 3D NAND Flash chips, an important step in the collaboration of Western Digital and Kioxia over 20 years. The new memory clusters offer a bulky I / O performance increase.

The number of layers continues to increase in 3D NAND Flash chips. High density and performance clusters were introduced with the new announcement.

162 layer 3D NAND Flash technology announced
The 6th generation 3D NAND Flash chips, considered an important step in the cooperation of Kioxia and Western Digital, were announced. While 162-tier solutions are 10% denser on the horizontal axis compared to the 5th generation, the same capacity memory cluster will now take up 40% less space with the increase in tier achieved in the vertical.

The 6th generation NAND Flash, which comes with a 10% improvement in delay in reading operations, will work 66% more efficiently. On the financial side, modern memory clusters will enable companies to increase the production of bits per membrane by 70% while reducing the cost per bit.


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