Learn a new trick of the WhatsApp App so that you can eliminate “Online” and “writing” from your conversations. 

At present it is almost normal for anyone to have on your phone the application of WhatsApp , know some of the tricks that will help you difrutar even more of App , learn to eliminate the “Online” and “Writing”.

Thanks to today’s technology , it is easy to adapt to your liking some of the applications that come by default on your electronic device, however there are some tools that make it easier for you to use them and you can practically customize them, now you can keep your individuality despite having the same application as millions of people.

WhatsApp has revolutionized the way of both speaking and writing with their telephone contacts, this is because over time the new technological tools have evolved, which caused the creators of the different electronic devices to also do so and adapt to the needs of the users.

This application has adapted quite well to the changes, it itself has had certain updates, which facilitate the use of the App, today you can make video calls, something that years ago was unthinkable.

With the creation of emojis, the same thing happened, nowadays you can even make short animations and send them between your chats with friends and family, stickers, Gifs and audios, there are even some celebrities who are the protagonists of said “digital stamps”.

Every day new applications and tools appear that you can use in turn on WhatsApp, such as FlyChat, thanks to this application you can eliminate these two options that come by default in WhatsApp.

You just have to download it, and you will be able to enjoy eliminating “Online”, “Writing” and even “Last time”, in a video posted on Youtube it is explained how you can use the application.

It was on the channel “Sikhe All In Hindi” in charge of sharing this video, it was shared 2 years ago, on November 20, 2017, we will show it to you right away.


With this android application you will be able to hide online and by writing your whatsapp you will be able to hide it and you do not need to be a root user for it, only with this luxury app you will get an excellent trick for your whatsapp and an extra function “, description of the video.

The option that it shows you is very simple, when you download FlyChat in the App Store, when you open it it will display all the Chatting Applications that you have installed, you must activate the one you want to manipulate.

Once you have selected WhatsApp when you close FlyChat, from the moment a new message appears on WhatsApp, a bubble will automatically open in addition to the App that you already have installed, so that your contacts do not see that you are online or writing you must select the bubble that was opened and write from there.

And also channel “Tu profe Mixto” in charge of sharing this video, it was shared 3 years ago, on September 15, 2017, we will show it to you right away.


As something extra, learn also to deactivate the readings:

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • Select the 3 points from the top
  • Select settings
  • Then select account
  • Later Privacy
  • First option that says “last time”
  • Choose between Everyone, My contacts, nobody

In the same option of the settings at the bottom you will see the option that says “Read receipts” then a small box appears that you can select so that no one can see that you have read the messages, but this will also apply to you and not You can see what your contacts are.

There are more tools that can make it easier for you to use WhatsApp, and go undercover like the ones we recommend, every day that passes we do not find the ease of being able to use the technology that has been advancing over the years.

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