Interesting rumors began to emerge about the PlayStation 5 exclusive game Abandoned, which was announced yesterday.

Then came rumors about the Xbox and Kojima collaboration.

As we told you yesterday evening, a special game called Abandoned was announced for PlayStation 5, but the game led to some conspiracy theories as announced. According to the theories, this game makes it look like another studio is making the game as Kojima’s next game, just as he did in Metal Gear Solid V. Metal Gear Solid was actually a game of Kojima, but at first they showed it as if Moby Dick Studios was developing the game with another name. It is now said that the same situation is for Abandoned.

The biggest reason for the rumors to come out is that there is no information about Blue Box Game Studios, the developer team of the game named Abandoned, and the company’s game director Hasan Kahraman does not have an account on the internet. However, Venture Beat reporter Jeff Grubb, one of the known names of the game world, denied these rumors.

After his denial, he said that Kojima is currently negotiating with Xbox for his new game and that they are very close to the deal. As we previously reported, a Kojima Productions figure stood in the library behind Phil Spencer in a live broadcast. Before Phil Spencer made an announcement, he was placing an object on the subject in the library behind him. It appeared in Phil Spencer’s library before the Xbox Series S was also announced.

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It is known that Kojima Productions is currently working on a game and it will be announced very soon. With the announcements made soon, the confusion will disappear completely. However, the starting point of the rumors about Abandoned is not that it makes you wonder.


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