Li Hongtao, Vice President of Konka Group and President of Chongqing Opto Electronics Technology Institute, spoke at the conference held today in China. In his speech, he talked about Konka Group’s work and innovations in the semiconductor industry. At the end of his speech, Li Hongtao introduced Konka Aphaea Watch, the world’s first smart watch with MicroLED display. Thanks to this screen, the smart watch can be charged for a very long time and offers very high contrast, deep blacks and a brighter appearance compared to OLED panels.

Konka Aphaea Watch features and MicroLED screen innovations
There is a 2-inch MicroLED display with a 0.12 mm thick glass substrate on the smart watch. Thanks to its MicroLED screen technology, the smart watch offers up to 35 days of use. The most important feature of MicroLED screens is high contrast, very bright appearance and low power consumption. MicroLED screens are produced at low cost because the lower part is glass-based. The use of low-cost MicroLED screens will significantly reduce production costs in new products.

Today, many companies are working on MicroLED screens. It is known that especially Apple has made studies for use in smart watches. Chinese display manufacturer Konka Group started mass-producing MicroLED panels last year and has taken an important step. We will start to see more products with MicroLED screens in the coming years.


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