What do you think of the South Korean netizens when they hear the song duo BOL4 and EXO’s Baekhyun?

On Thursday (07/05) at 18:00 KST yesterday, BOL4 revealed a pre-release song from his new album entitled ‘Leo’.

‘Leo’ is a popular pop song to listen to in spring. This song combines the melodious vocals of Ahn Ji Young and Baekhyun, with a medium tempo musical accompaniment.

Once released, the song ‘Leo’ immediately ranked second on various South Korean music charts, right below the song ‘Eight’ by IU and Suga BTS.

Hearing the collaboration song BOL4 and Baekhyun, Korean netizens on theqoo site commented:

“The song is really good,”

“Baekhyun’s voice is suitable for a duet. The song ‘Dream’ is also very good, ”

“I really like the song. Baekhyun’s vocals are truly extraordinary, ”

“The harmony from Baekhyun’s voice sounds really good,”

“Wow, this collaboration is really crazy. The harmony of their voices is extraordinary, “and various other praise comments.

Have you listened to BOL4 and Baekhyun’s song ‘Leo’?


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