PUBG, the biggest production of the Battle Royale genre, will be reborn with the sequel.While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was once the most popular game, it still has an active player base today.

Rumors about the development of the second game, which has an important share in the development of the Battle Royale genre, started to make a sound in the game world.

According to a recent report from the Korean media outlet MTN, efforts have been made for an “authentic sequel” of PUBG for a long time. Apparently, Krafton (the new name of the developer company) began setting up main offices in Seoul for PUBG 2 as early as May 2019. Meanwhile, it has been claimed that PUBG Mobile 2 is also being developed within the company that developed PUBG LITE for low computers. Actually, the way these events work very differently.

PUBG Mobile 2 has been launched as a different game hidden under the name ProjectXTRM until now. According to the report published by MTN, ProjectXTRM was PUBG Mobile 2 and it was being worked on by the company that developed PUBG LITE. This proves why PUBG LITE has not received updates for a long time. In the rest of the report, it was stated that the PC version of the game was developed in Seoul.

However, there is dynamism on the console side of the game. Since Krafton aims to offer PUBG 2 cross-platform, it must be considering releasing PC, mobile and console games at the same time. Cross platform means that the PC gamer encounters the mobile player. It cannot be thought that this will affect the gameplay situation positively, but it is necessary to provide an equality between platforms for the players.

The famous game editor PlayerIGN also tried to present to his followers what he understood with Google Translate from the fact that the report shared on MTN was in Korean in his tweets.

Since there is only so much information about the subject, nobody has any idea about the details yet. In the following days, it is not clear whether the announcements will be made globally or the details will be shared, but we will continue to share as we develop.


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