Energy Web Token (EWB) experienced a 50% price increase in the past days. The rise in question came as the project announced the possibility of staking, as well as being listed on Kraken, a popular crypto exchange.

Energy Web Token (EWB) is a cryptocurrency native to the blockchain-based Energy Web Chain created to support the development of the energy industry. Although the project is not very old, it was launched in June 2019.

While the EWB was traded at just $ 5 per coin in 2021, it rose to an all-time high of $ 17.62 on February 17th. Subsequently, the coin experienced a retracement to a support level of $ 11. Now it looks like it has recovered again: just a few hours ago it set a new record high at $ 18.29.

The goal of the Energy Web Token project is to integrate blockchain technology into the energy sector, but also to help create application development and decentralized energy exchange.

The project, which attracts attention, recently announced that it plans to add staking feature to its platform. The announcement made on February 25 caused the price of the cryptocurrency to rise rapidly. Following this, the crypto currency Kraken was also listed on the crypto exchange, which supported the ongoing rally, allowing EWT to reach an all-time high.


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