God of War: Ragnarok is one of the most anticipated games for the new generation of consoles, and it is no wonder, since its predecessor had a great reception.



This time not everything was focused on Kratos, since his son Atreus also played an important role and they even showed us the awakening of his power.

This event raised several doubts about his role in God of War: Ragnarok, and one of the designers in charge finally spoke of the possibility of playing with this warrior.

God of War: Ragnarok could already be delayed and Sony does not want to announce it yet

The figure of Atreus became very important during the main campaign of the game, making many believe that we were witnessing the birth of Kratos’ successor.

We don’t yet know what role he will take on God of War: Ragnarok, but a designer from SIE Santa Monica gave some clues.

Samuel Matthews recently spoke in a podcast about this character, and assured that the first The Last of Us served as inspiration for the next title in the saga of the slayer of gods.

Although this clue doesn’t seem to say much, it opens up the possibility for us to use both Kratos and Atreus in God of War: Ragnarok.

This would contribute to the development of the character, and if they decide to follow the same line as The Last of Us 2, who knows, perhaps in the future he will end up replacing his father in video games.

Matthews stated that they would love to make Atreus a playable character, but preferred not to confirm whether this feature will be implemented in the final product.

At the moment the official release date of this game remains for 2021, but several rumors suggest that it could delay its arrival until 2022.

Either way, we prefer that you take the time to make it work perfectly.


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