Noteworthy crypto Twitter following the transfer of boots with Whale Alert based crypto stock that performs the last attack made on kuco hacker, today 4.5 million dollars stolen in a single operation xrp’y the vehicle.

A total of 18.49 million XRP, currently worth $ 4,500,000, were transferred in a single move today. After reaching their goals, tokens were divided into two parts. 1.35 million XRP ($ 333,000) and 7.14 million XRP ($ 4.2 million) were sent to two different crypto wallets respectively.

Before this major transfer, the hacker had also carried out a number of relatively small transactions in various cryptocurrencies. In the last six hours alone, 12 more transfers have been made from “Kucoin Hack 2020” with stolen assets valued at $ 11,000 to $ 1.5 million.

With the XRP transaction, the hacker has carried a total of $ 9.96 million of crypto today.

KuCoin hack

The crypto currency exchange KuCoin was hacked on September 25. At the time, the platform stated that “Bitcoin, ERC20 and other tokens in KuCoin’s hot wallets have been transferred from the exchange.” The balance sheet is quite heavy: 200 million dollars.

Following the hack, various blockchain projects reacted quickly and frozen two-thirds of the stolen assets. Or at least they said they would do so. However, many funds still come out with their transfer.

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