Kylie Jenner altered the photo of her driver’s license with Photoshop and criticism rained down on her. The businesswoman was the center of teasing.

Being the youngest and richest businesswoman in the entire world is not an easy task, as it involves extremely detailed image care and Kylie Jenner has no problem doing it. She is in charge of one of the largest cosmetic empires in the United States, a lush body that many girls seek to have. But like all mortals, their photos on driver’s licenses or documents are as ugly as that of the rest of us. Being a mega celebrity, she decided to improve that image by passing it through Photoshop, and the criticism soon came.

The founder of Kylie Cosmetics often shares what she does during her day and how she goes through mandatory quarantine. Her fans are constantly following the activities she does with her daughter, so they are aware of the material he shares, and when she published an image of her license, they soon noticed that Kendall Jenner’s sister had retouched the photograph.

Growing up surrounded by flashes and television cameras, Travis Scott’s ex-partner perfectly understood the importance of maintaining a good body image. But even on the driver’s license? Quickly, its more than 176 million fans rejected the publication and criticized it, noting that it is not always necessary to look perfect. It is not the first time that the minor of the Kardashian clan has been criticized, but she learned not to deal with the offensive comments.

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Days ago, Kylie Jenner was also the target of criticism when she published the image of a cake and how she had cut it. The admirers treated her as useless but the socialite did not flinch and responded in a fun way, without being troubled by the assaults. Now, again in the eye of the storm, she decided not to respond to criticism.


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