Socialite and makeup artist, Kylie Jenner and James Charles, teamed up in a video to create a Halloween makeup for the famous

The famous socialite, Kylie Jenner , does not miss the good opportunity of Halloween to put on makeup in a special way and this time even more so because the makeup was done by one of her best friends and also famous influencer James Charles who was in charge of making a great job.

We could learn about this through the YouTube channel of the famous James Charles who is professionally dedicated to makeup, so having Kylie Jenner’s face as a blank canvas was a moment that I value very much and that he decided he deserved a video for his channel.

This is how the two celebrities came together to create a video in which apart from talking and having a great time as friends who are, they ventured into the makeup that Kylie Jenner would use for Halloween, which this time was a skull with which for true she looked very beautiful.

The result was fantastic, because the fans of Kylie and James could not imagine that they were going to get together to do this without even having started the month of October, it seems that the emotion won them and they had to do it before it is too late.

The fans came to like the video and comment on it because they decide to help the influencers in this way by showing their great love as only they can.

Meanwhile Kylie Jenner on her Instagram profile published a photograph in which she is in a bathing suit enjoying the sun because the socialite has everything to have a great time inside her home because despite not going out enjoyed every day in the company of your family and loved ones in a safe and spacious place.

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Kylie Jenner celebrates Stassie Karanikolaou's birthday

It should be remembered that the unfulfilled 23 years ago fell very recently so we can observe her celebration in which she enjoyed with her sisters and her stepdaughter of whom she is very proud and very happy to have her in her life because even though she is not with Travis Scott quite enjoys being able to dress together with her and enjoy her mother and daughter activities, a great example for all of us because despite having failures in their relationship, he has not stopped taking responsibility like his father.

On another topic, the looks are a little more casual than those we normally observe, they stand out in the young woman, who has so many outfits that we always see her with something a little more exotic than casual clothes, since she always seeks to press, however , What is impressive is that with such simple clothes you can look so pretty.

Also that just a few days ago the businesswoman launched her new makeup line as she seeks to squeeze her great fame to the fullest and turn it into a great inheritance that her daughter will receive, whom she loves with all her being and seeks to give her the best possible life.

The famous young woman has been so committed to her work that she has even uploaded some videos, where she teaches her fans to paint themselves with her beauty products, a very noble gesture and giving the attention they deserve to all those who follow her and are faithful. to her.

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