Lady Dimitrescu will finally have the expected appearance of her in just a few weeks and will show us why she was chosen as one of the villains in this new story.

We know that the gameplay mechanics will be important, but Capcom decided to include an extra function that you are sure to want to exploit from your first hours.

Prepare your artistic side, because Resident Evil 8 will have a photo mode with which you can model the terrifying Lady Dimitrescu.

A few days ago, the official IGN channel published a Resident Evil 8 gameplay running on a PS4 Pro, and although the video itself has several interesting details, what attracted attention is at the end.

In the last minutes of the video we can see a scene with Lady Dimitrescu, and at a certain moment the photo mode option is shown in one of the corners.

Something that is striking is that there is also the option to skip the video sequences, although there are also several doubts.

Try to get the best profile of her.
The photo mode option only appears during cutscenes and it is not clear if we can use it at all times or exclusively in these segments.

Capcom has not elaborated on what we can expect from this new feature, although it will possibly do so in the coming weeks, when the release of Resident Evil 8 draws near.

The option to take pictures within the game will surely excite fans of Lady Dimitrescu, since now they can use her as a model for her creations.

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Resident Evil 8 will arrive on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC on May 7, so prepare your savings to get it from day one.


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