OPPO improves the landscape photography experience with the cameras in smart phone models and the shooting modes that accompany these cameras.

With the start of the semester period in schools, families also started to make short trip programs with their children who spent the entire education period in front of the screen. In the programs made, nature with abundant oxygen and regions dominated by snow white come to the fore. OPPO, one of the leading smart phone brands, accompanies those who make short trip programs to view the perfect landscapes they may encounter along the way and to immortalize the time they spend with their family.

A Series
OPPO’s A Series models offer everything you need to take landscape photos. The A72, which has a 6.5 inch screen size in the series, comes with a quad camera setup that offers 48MP resolution in the main camera. The 48 MP Ultra HD main camera allows users to explore the details in the images more clearly, which can be used on the move. Ultra Night Mode 2.0 makes it possible to take night photos.

The 6.4 inch screen width A91, another model in the series, promises a professional photography experience as well as its stylish design. Equipped with a 48 MP ultra wide-angle macro quad camera, OPPO A91’s camera features offering very high resolution and sensitivity to light allow you to capture the details you want day or night. Ultra wide angle macro lens allows you to take detailed and clear photos.

The last model of the series, A73, with a screen width of 6.4 inches, is equipped with artificial intelligence supported cameras to make the images in the shooting environment really stand out. The main camera of the smartphone has been enhanced with the Artificial Intelligence Brilliant Color Mode feature, which makes colors more vivid through deep learning algorithms or enhances portraits based on surrounding ambient brightness and colors.

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Reno4 Lite adds artificial intelligence to photography
The Reno4 Lite model with a screen width of 6.4 inches in OPPO’s Reno4 Series comes with a 4-camera with a 48MP resolution main camera. Designed as a true portrait expert, you can shoot like a professional with a total of 6 artificial intelligence portrait cameras, 2 in the front and 4 in the back of the Reno4 Lite. Reno4 Lite uses artificial intelligence face reconstruction technology to correct a blurry image of the face in the captured photo or to fill in the missing gaps. Thanks to the deep learning technology in Artificial Intelligence Super Clear Portrait feature, even the finest details in portraits can be reconstructed. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence Color Portrait feature on the Reno4 Lite, you can color the object you want to photograph and leave the background in black and white. With Reno4 Lite’s Artificial Intelligence Night Portrait, you can also take great night portraits. By adding the bokeh effect suitable for night city shots, you can highlight the subject or person in front and blur the background.


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