It is reported that landslides caused by heavy rains in China have caused great damage in some Bitcoin mining farms.

In addition to the positive aspects of the rainy season in China, such as increased access to cheap energy, there are also negative aspects such as the flood disaster damaging the mining facilities.

As the recallers will know, the floods that occurred after heavy rains in China both in 2018 and last year had hit Bitcoin mining businesses. Thousands of mining devices drifting in the flood had become so unusable that even repairs were not possible.

The same views in 2020

In this period of 2020, the regions where China’s mining was intense were under the influence of precipitation again and new ones were added to the sights that are seen every year.

According to the latest information from the country, the landslide that occurred in a city in Sichuan province yesterday caused severe destruction in several mining farms. It is stated that more than 20 thousand people have been evacuated from the region where human life is in danger and two people have been lost. It is stated that the severity of the precipitation and the damage caused by this region are worse than in previous years.

China is the country with the largest share in Bitcoin mining. China’s share in Bitcoin mining operations worldwide is estimated to be 60 percent. Sichuan province of China, on the other hand, is a region where Bitcoin mining companies operate extensively due to its cold climate and cheap electricity resources.

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Floods and damage to facilities in Sichuan last year also had an impact on Bitcoin’s hash rate.


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