According to blockchain data, 100 Bitcoins mined in June 2010 were moved for the first time today.

Currently, the Bitcoins are worth about 5 million dollars. According to the information obtained, 50 BTC was transferred from two different wallets to different wallets.

According to the data on BitInfoCharts, one of these transfers was made to the wallet associated with is a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Coin Metrics data engineer Antoine Le Calvez said transactions involving cryptocurrencies from the CPU mining era are “very rare”:

“It’s very rare to see pre-GPU bitcoins move, only dozens of times in the last few years.”

However, he does not believe that these Bitcoins could belong to Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you remember, in a wallet created in February 2009, 50 BTC made its first move last May, and rumors about Satoshi’s return triggered a short market sale. On May 20, a relatively insignificant Bitcoin transfer shocked the cryptocurrency industry. At that time, Bitcoin fell rapidly.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at around $ 49,000, up 4% daily.


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