Apple and Samsung News: Last minute development came from the two famous names of the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung. A new deal may have been made.



Samsung and Apple, which are currently on the agenda with foldable phone models, continue to compete. Two famous companies that have been fighting for the leadership of the smartphone market for years may have made a new deal. The South Korean company, which produces foldable screens for many famous companies, now seems to be preparing to produce screens for Apple. The company, which did not give the leadership to anyone in the smartphone market, where the competition will heat up even more, will now produce OLED screens for its closest rival.

Details coming today are preparing to produce screens for Apple, the closest rival of the South Korean company, next year. The details leaked to the Internet were also stated that the two companies had made an agreement.

Samsung to Produce OLED Displays for Apple iPads

New leaks emerging today also revealed that Apple, the closest rival of the South Korean company, will produce OLED displays for iPad products. The company, which is known to produce foldable screens for companies such as Xiaomi and OPPO, will now provide screen guarantees to another technology giant. The screens that will be developed for iPad models will also appear in a larger structure. The company, which is currently working on 120Hz LTPO OLED displays for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, seems to have made a special deal with its rival. We will continue to include news as details become available.


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