Thanks to the rally in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, the market has attracted great attention. Unfortunately, this interest also prompted malicious hackers to take action. Popular cryptocurrency exchange Exmo has announced a security breach.

The Exmo exchange said in a statement that someone noticed a suspicious withdrawal rush in which they were carrying large amounts of Bitcoin from their hot wallet. The exchange added that the hackers also carry large amounts of XRP, ZCash, Ethereum Classic and Tether. Although he announced that the funds in his hot wallets accounted for only five percent of all his assets, he immediately closed his withdrawals. Exmo also provided a list of some of the wallets likely involved in the attack, asking global exchanges to prevent them from making any additional transactions. The exchange also reported that it has launched an investigation with London police and that users should not deposit any funds into affected wallets.

Exmo is a crypto exchange operating in London for years. Founded in 2013, the company also has offices in Moscow, Barcelona and Kiev. The exchange was acquired in 2018 by GoverMedia Plus Canada, a Canadian public holding company. The acquisition allowed GoverMedia to own the Exmo, but the exchange has continued to operate almost independently since then.


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